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VirtualArchive is a unique and simple tool that allows web based access to archived information.

It works with just about any type of information:

Contingency planning / Disaster Recovery

Access to critical information during downtime.

Medical Records

Archive your Patient Index using VirtualArchive on a laptop or mobile desktop with un-interruptible power supply for access to the correct chart numbers during unscheduled outages.


You don’t want to keep paying for that old system but you need access to that old data.

Use  VirtualArchive to have intranet/internet access to that old data.

No need for a desktop roll-out of any new software.

VirtualArchive uses your current web browser to search and retrieve the data you and your customers need.

VirtualArchive is more than a product. It’s a service!

Based upon your requirements, we will provide specifications for a host machine and configure the archive to suit your data.

In most cases we can even enable the data extraction from your existing platform.

Typically, installation turn-around time is very short.

In some cases we can have your data loaded and accessible in just a few days!


Email: info@virtualtask.com

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